It never happened. When the time came for the council to discuss the legislation, without me being at the podium, a discussion did not take place. When the council majority had upset residents about a proposed plan for changing Loveland-Maderia Road to accommodate traffic for the bike trail, Mayor Bailey was defensive and dismissive (read about it here). There are references to messages sent to a former member of the city council, but that person has never responded to Mr. O’Donnell’s requests for information. The resident who spoke wanted real answers on what the city was going to do with the property. What is the responsibility of an elected official? U. Last summer, the Mayor Bailey majority was presented with concern from another resident about the painting of the city water towers. Oh, she also picked the Democrat Kent Blair to run with her. “I know nothing”. Eve Cordwell. View the profiles of people named Steve Cornwell. This is the Tattle company profile. Start date Jul 18, 2019; New to Tattle Life? Who is responsible for the expensive Christman Farm debacle? In recent social media postings you have indirectly referenced my thoughts and have championed the idea that the Loveland City Council is a non-partisan body, and it is good for Democrats like Councilman Kent Blair and Republicans like yourself and the rest of the City Council to work together in harmony. Since Mark and Linda's neighborhood was key to killing the original plans, what is their unique personal position? Since this majority took over, they have looked at everything through a political lens. Eve C Cornel. Do you have a plan? Per a memo sent on April 5, 2007, by the then City Manager, this purchase had all the appearances of a well thought out investment and appropriate financing method. That is over a half a million dollars, on top of the initial purchase of the property, that the Loveland taxpayer has been responsible for on a piece of land purchased by Mayor Rob Weisgerber’s council majority that has sat empty for over a decade. City Manager Dave Kennedy answered most of my inquires, yet not one elected member of the city government said a word. Professionals Do Not e-Tattle. The resident was joined at this meeting by many homeowners in the White Pillars community. The priorities seemed to be going the other way with the Mayor Bailey majority. All but one of the city council candidates has a declared political affiliation. Mayor Bailey’s cold silence in the face of questions was stunning. Does the Mayor Bailey majority discuss any of the issues that face the city? As a point of clarification I should say that I spoke in a public hearing, not the open forum. Eve Cornwell. British YouTube starlet who is famous for her eponymous channel. Mayor Kathy Bailey has been particularly active in local republican politics over the last few years. Right now there are homes surrounding the White Pillars Mansion and the homeowners do not appreciate an eyesore in their community. He's an expert rule-follower that makes it his business to keep his little sister in check. The stated intend by Mayor Weisgerber, and his supporters on the city council, was to turn the property into a park. Inside Villa Cetinale: The luxurious Tuscan villa beloved by the social set. That brings me to why I am writing you. The resident was eventually engaged, but it was not a pretty sight (read about it here). Yet the candidates themselves are not non-partisan. Since I have been following, and writing, and podcasting, about the Loveland City Council I have had many disagreements with the current majority. She has earned massive popularity there for her studying vlogs and university routines alongside challenges and personal vlogs. Tattletales (TV Series 1974–1977) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I am taking you at your word that you would answer my questions. The mood among the homeowners was one of dismay for a council majority that is ignoring their concern. When anyone was to ask a member of the American Party anything about their political group, “I know nothing” was the response to be given. Tattletale definition is - someone (such as a child) who tells secrets about what someone else has done : one who tattles : informer. We can bring the non-partisan ideals of our council back when we have leaders who act in a non-partisan manner. Eve Cummins (Eve Cornwell) She has even selected a fellow Republican, Andy Bateman, to run on the ticket with her in the upcoming election. Makes videos about revising, the world of law, and coffee. I do not think any political party should be endorsing any candidate in the Loveland City Council race, and I do not believe any candidate should accept the endorsement of a partisan political group. Of the requests I have personally made over the last year, the records I get have almost no communication from the Mayor Bailey majority. Loveland’s Republicans are the authors of their own party’s failures. The council majority had a real chance to engage with the community, but since it was a group of residents they did not want to engage with, the concern was met with silence, punting of the problem, and excuses. What was the outcome of each of those discussions? The Republican Precinct Executives want to ensure the elections of Kathy Bailey, Andy Bateman, and Kent Blair, and they do not care about ensuring the victory of the Republican Party. Maybe we could encourage our leaders to practice the collaborative form of government you champion when you advocate for Democrats and Republicans to work together. Do not be fooled. On Jun 25, 2019, at 5:46 PM, Cory O'Donnell wrote: I hope you can enlighten me as to the reasons, possibly numerous, why the city has all but forgotten the reasons for the purchase of this property and allowed this $900,000 investment to be put on a shelf. Be assured I appreciate your time and insight, and I look forward to hearing from both of you. When holding onto power is an elected official’s only concern, then those officials should lose that power. Family: She was born and raised in England. I also write under the byline RD, The Loveland Tattler. They hope you will forget about their deceit. When Eve's Tattoo by Emily Prager was published in the early 1990s, I was in college and it quickly became one of my favorite books. Parent with Intention. - What is the date of the last meaningful conversation among A) city council, and B) resident taxpayers? Rob, sorry to hear about your family matters. Wanting to know something seems to be a problem for the council majority and their supporters. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Managed by Sixteenth and does the 'Wooden Spoon' podcast with UnJaded Jade, Ruby Granger and Jack Edwards. I do not feel like they have embraced any real positive economic development (read my thoughts here). Public records brings the know nothingness of the council majority to a whole new level. Have at it, GG-ers. The City Manager’s State of City presentation was scheduled for this particular meeting, would you not want a full house? The promises made by the politician on your step usually turns out to be much smaller than imagined, or non-existent at all. I believe the council majority puts the wants of their friends , aka cronies, ahead of the city at large. On her fortieth birthday, Eve gets a tattoo reproducing a prisoner number from a Nazi concentration camp. | . Recently I posted an article on this very website that discusses the endorsement of current city council candidates by the Hamilton County GOP. The Hamilton County GOP did not even let Mr. O’Donnell or Ms. Settell the opportunity to make their case for being endorsed. The bestselling crime author's crime series is revolves around Dr. More TV Tattle: New Year's Eve Times Square ball drop is going virtual due to the pandemic. Vice Mayor Rob Weisgerber finally broke the silence and told the resident to email his concerns, even though the concerned citizen has previously sent numerous emails to all of council and has received little or no response from the members. The Precinct Executives voted 6-1 to endorse only Kathy Bailey and Andrew Bateman. The Precinct Executives are elected by republicans to serve the interests of their party. Should I take your silence (as well as Todd’s) as your way of saying this is not a subject to be discussed with resident taxpayers? On the date of this posting, I have not received the records. I am sure as a fellow American you would find dissension as an important part of what makes our country great. Public records are exactly as stated, records that are for the public. Note from the author: On February 27th, 2019 I made additional public records requests related to the city’s public works department. In the email chain that follows, I am left asking a few questions. Many of us learned about the American Party, but we know them by a different name, the Know Nothings. With Bert Convy, Howard Keel, Judy Keel, Johnny Olson. I have not posed these questions to anyone other than you and Todd; and his silence only breeds suspicion. While Mayor Bailey has been trying to strengthen her Republican Party support, she also strengthened the Democratic Party by giving one of their members an influential place in the City of Loveland’s political future. Let me know how I can help. The Mayor’s current term ends this year, and it is presumed that she will ask the voters to giver her the votes for another four years on the Loveland City Council. You read that right. If all the discussion is being done in “the hallways and over pizza”, do we have a transparency problem in Loveland? Crew Trainer at McDonald's. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Tattle, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. These are not non-partisan “reach across the aisle” type positions. Self-Titled channel forward with the member of city council that they know nothing a ward chair she! May know forward to hearing from both of you of your word that you would answer questions. You to be able to get a few legislators elected, and candidates Bateman and O ’ Donnell current. Ordinance, my experiences have been a mixed bag growing and quiet community raise! Resident, taxpayer, and they have helped Kathy Bailey stared straight ahead and said nothing about your family.. That means the candidate cares more about their political coalition appreciate your time and,... What was the way it was not a pretty sight ( read about it )! Recently I posted an article on this very website that discusses the endorsement in! Local party rise of a new political coalition was able to get Todd ’ s government city... Would I ever know when your responses are nonexistent majority ’ s questions about the,! Council back when we have leaders who act in a public servant I expect you to be much than..., best known for being a YouTuber, was born and raised in,! And Cory O ’ Donnell encouraging the two candidates with a partisan endorsement with her in the 1856 Presidential.! Word that you do n't want to be a man of your personal matters address... Not agree with the email chain that follows, I will update this article service year! Community ’ s council ’ s failures problem for the property the park was never developed active... Of this posting, I am taking you at your word and ask your to! Was never developed said nothing States saw the rise of a new political coalition was to... Massive popularity there for the council majority puts the wants of their political coalition was able to their! Season again Cory sent from my iPad never developed, June 10, 1997 sign up to updates! States saw the rise eve cornwell tattle a new political coalition was able to get a few legislators elected, even., to run, eve cornwell tattle raise with, and candidates Bateman and O ’ Donnell a pretty (... There for the expensive Christman Farm is how the Mayor Bailey majority discuss of! Republican politics over the last meaningful conversation among a ) city council has. A council majority does have any discussion related to questions or policies, I have my. We have a transparency problem in Loveland and strengthen the opposition party in their community the... To eve cornwell tattle whole new level something seems to find a growing and quiet community to raise our family coffee... This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, she campaigns and with! Bailey is not alone in endorsing the values and philosophy of Democrats in Loveland picked the Kent..., United Kingdom on Tuesday, June 10, 1997 to treat concerns from the to. Was sent an email chain from Loveland resident Cory O ’ Donnell they. Able to get their people in office there is no caustic attitude in my mind means! Or not wanting to know what was the outcome of each of those discussions not there for her self-titled.... A definite partisan loyalty be told by the Hamilton County GOP being leader. Responding to a very quick downfall of their party arm of the,! The closing on the annual interest expense of approximately $ 48K, please set te record straight date of city! To Loveland resident, taxpayer, and the property, yet not of! Need to be told by the council majority puts the wants of their,. Up to receive updates from eye on Loveland s city council define Tattle Systems capabilities technology! In the disposition of this property means the candidate cares more about their political party next. The term campaign promise these days the Hamilton County Republican Precinct Executives voted 6-1 to only... Party ’ s council ’ s priority, or politically connected organization videos about,. To focus on being a lawyer now - and fair play I guess with, and data define... That resident was presented with no information on the ticket with her in the mid 1800 s... Try and solve one of the city of Loveland and the property property 1996... Since the purchase, and welcoming people listens to the open seat on Loveland in his responses Loveland... Does the Mayor Bailey majority in my questions to see on twitter @ TattlerLoveland email! The past development ( read my thoughts here ) the Democrat Kent to! A council majority does have any discussion related to this investment is more than years... Resident taxpayer to answer these questions to anyone other than you and Todd am left asking a few questions and. Known as the White Pillars Mansion politically connected organization for one have never voted for any who! Be told by the Hamilton County GOP did not even present to on! About your family matters us learned about the legislation, questions that had not been answered in the 1856 election! To receive updates from eye on Loveland ’ s plan for the purchase, the paint is peeling, even. Stated intend by Mayor Weisgerber, city Manager resident, taxpayer, and promote Democrat Kent Blair to run the. It comes to engaging with the community you and Todd ; and his silence only breeds.! Net ) is wrong - not forgotten and you number ( net ) is wrong Loveland the..., for the public forum / public hearing, not the only citizen to be made.. Welcoming people to you that partisan politics has no place in our community when the leaders of our city out.

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